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Rape: A dangerous crime

Rape is defined as an unlawful act that typically involves sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against a person’s will. Rape is a global problem.

The challenge of tracking down truthful rape statistics
Accurate statistics regarding rape are notoriously difficult to obtain. The biggest complication is that most victims of sexual violence choose not to report it. There are many possible reasons for this decision: embarrassment, victim shaming, fear of reprisal from the rapist, even fear of how the victim’s own family will react.

Also, many countries’ laws against sexual assault are insufficient, inconsistent, or not regularly enforced. This can leave the victim convinced that getting law enforcement involved will do no good, and in some cases could actually make things worse instead of better. That is why you need a good rape lawyer in Burlington for such crime who can help you to get justice.

Whatever the reason for a victim’s silence, the effect is that rape goes grossly under reported in many countries. It is estimated that approximately 35% of women worldwide have experienced sexual harassment in their lifetime.

Scope, effects, and motivations

The legal definition of rape has changed substantially since the late 20th century. The traditional definition was narrow with respect to both genders and age. Rape was an act of sexual intercourse by a man with a woman against her will. As rape is now understood, a rapist or a victim may be an adult of either gender or a child. Although rape can occur in same sex intercourse, It is most often committed by a male against a female. There is also an increasing tendency to treat as rape an act of sexual intercourse by a husband with his wife against her will and to consider forced prostitution and sexual slavery as forms of rape.

No one can deny that being raped is one of the most distressing, horrendous and demeaning experiences anyone could have. It almost always leaves the victim with feelings of self loathing, self blame and rage, and can cause post traumatic syndrome disorder (PTSD).

Motives behind rape vary and are difficult to quantify. However, studies show that rapists have some common characteristics:

– a lack of empathy

– narcissism

– feelings of hostility towards women

Types of rapist

There are several types of rapists. There is the opportunistic rapist, who seizes any chance for sexual gratification, such as the loss of self-control on the part of their victim under the influence of alcohol.

Another type is sadistic rapist, whose motivation is to humiliate and degrade victims.

The vindictive rapist has anger and aggression focused directly toward women. Such a rapist believes he is permitted to sexually attack women because he feels he has been hurt, rejected or wronged by women in the past.

Rapists often deny having raped their victims and frequently try to justify their actions. Men who admit rape often try to find excuses for what they have done.

Sexual assault is an inexcusable act of violence and a criminal offense. Unfortunately, a lot of the victims remain silent to avoid stigmatization and being blamed by society, while their rapists are free to look for another victim.

  • Rape is one of the most heinous offenses or crime committed on a women according to the criminal laws . It is worse than a murder. Rape causes infringement of women’s rights and liberty.
  • It is defined as intentional and unlawful sexual intercourse with a woman without her consent.

Difference between Rape and Marital Rape

  • The definition of rape codified includes all forms of sexual assault involving non-consensual intercourse with a woman.
  • However, marital rape is an unwilling sexual intercourse of a woman by her husband.
  • As per current law, a wife is presumed to deliver perpetual consent to have sex with her husband after entering into marital relations.
  • Most countries criminalized marital rape from the late 20th country, but it is still unclear whether marital rape is covered by the ordinary rape laws or there is need for some separate laws on marital rape.